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Mestre Traira’s album – Capoeira da Bahia

12 July 2017 (last updated 23 Aug 2019) Mestre Traira’s album – Capoeira da Bahia Found this amazing document (Aug 2019 – seems the document is no longer there…) with photos and a lot of info on this album in Portuguese, French and English. https://soundcloud.com/saciperereuk/sets/mestre-traira-capoeira-da-bahia –> [Tracks originally summarised by Capoeira…

Berimbau Toques

Berimbau Toques The most well known Capoeira toques are Angola, São Bento Pequeno and São Bento Grande. Here I go through those and various others that I have learned. Our group has its own official toques when it comes to the roda, click here for more information. The notation is…