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Covid-19 Capoeira Sequences

Covid-19 Capoeira Sequences

13 June 2020

Covid-19 Capoeira Sequences

I’ve been filming myself doing some of the sequences from Mestre Poncianinho’s online class during lockdown so that I can study and practice them regularly, and have a few sequences in my body that I can easily access at the right time during the roda. I’ve picked a few to work on regularly, the idea is that once I know them well I can blend them too and add my own things in response to what’s going on in the game.

Great track to practice to:

1) 18th of May 2020 Sequence
Queda de quatro
Esquiva to the front
Meia lua de frente
low rasteira
1/2 armada
Queda de rins
* volta por cima?
trigger words: Esquiva quatro (words for me to think of to bring out sequence)

2) 19th of May 2020 Sequence
Meia lua de frente or Armada de costas
Martelo with same leg
Rabo de arraia enrolado (or meia lua enrolada) + negativa + rolê
Go around to resistencia + rasteira
Macaquinho (or just negativa into tesoura)
trigger words: Meia lua martelo macaquinho

3) 23rd of May 2020 Sequence
Meia lua de frente
Martelo with same leg
Chapa with other leg
Bananeira land and rotate to
Fall turning into queda de rins
Negativa + rolê
trigger words: Meia lua martelo chapa

4) 25th of May 2020 Sequence
Finta au
1/2 queixada into bananeira with side, twist kick
Round into low negativa + rasteira
Rabo de arraia enrolado + rolê
Bananeira into queda de rins
Bananeira with side kick
trigger words: finta au

5) 28th of May 2020 Sequence
Rabo de arraia, land with leg at the back into
Jump turning backwards into position for
Armada de costas
trigger words: rasteira

6) 1st of June 2020 Sequence
Spin into meia lua de frente
Finta martelo into bananeira
“Hold basket” into queda de rins + tesoura
Rabo de arraia into bananeira
Fall into low rabo de arraia
Ponte without arms
Jump back with legs together.
trigger words: spin to meia lua

7) 13th of June 2020 Sequence
trigger words: cabeçada cross leg costura

8) 18th of June 2020 Sequence
Ginga esquiva (upright) + Meia lua de frente + Armada de costas (or any kick into)
Mola + rolê
Go around into low rasteira
Costura into aú
trigger words: any kick mola costura

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