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Jogging + dumbells and handstand circuits

Jogging + dumbells and handstand circuits

28 December 2019

NOTE: This is my own routine, which I got into by trial and error and I’m not recommending it to anyone else!!! This is just what I do. Hopefully you too can find what works for you. I have no formal training in physical education nor am I a personal trainer.

I’ve been following this sort of routine since I got back into running – after ankle injury – in May/June 2018, so I thought I’d make a record of it. Twice a week I go for a 5km run then I repeat the first circuit three times and then do various handstands and Capoeira moves/sequences I may have been working on that week. It all adds up to roughly two hours per session (starting with a 5 min warmup before going out for my run).

For example, today I started warming up around 10:20 and the session was finished at 12:06.
28 Dec 2019 run The activity is for Runkeeper friends only as it has a map, but there are the stats
Then I get back home, do some eccentric raises on the steps for my ankles and some pull up bar ‘sit ups’ (basically I hang from the pull up bar and raise and lower my legs which are bent, rather than straight for 15 reps, 3x- alternated with the eccentric raises) – this takes about 5 minutes.

After that, this circuit three times with 4kg dumbells.

And then this one, once – I left the resting bits in because they are important! I couldn’t do the whole thing without resting in between.

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