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Silvio Acarajé – A Saga do Urucungo

Silvio Acarajé – A Saga do Urucungo

25 Aug 2018

Silvio Acarajé – A Saga do Urucungo

I first heard this album about 7 years ago and the first track in particular captured my ears… Still does. He released two great albums, this one and Capoeira Primitiva, a great album to practice the berimbau and learn lesser known toques.
Urucungo was the African name for berimbau. According to this research, the earliest recorded use of the term “berimbau” seems to be in 1817. He’s a very important berimbau player to get to know for those who want to go deeper into the berimbau and capoeira music.

I haven’t been able to find a photo of the back cover with the tracks on (track listing on discog)

1 Boiadeiro
2 Biribazu
3 Legendário Mestre Bimba
4 17:00 Riachão
5 Pedra Furada
6 Ginga de Mandiga
7 Angola em Jeje
8 Zumbirimbau
9 Toque de Gegy
10 Angola em Samba de Ijexá

I found this article in Portuguese & English @ Congo de Ouro website

Born in São Paulo, 16 de Novembro de 1954 and deceased in a kayak acccident, 23 de February de 1996. Silvio dos Santos (Acarajé) first learned Capoeira with Mestre Paulo Gomes (1969). While taking part in roda in the Praça da República em São Paulo he met Mestre Limão and became his student in 1970.

He graduated on 3rd of December 1972 at the ‘Academia Quilombo dos Palmares’. As well as being an accomplished capoeirista and berimbau player he was also an artist.

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