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Little Capoeira Book – Revised edition

Little Capoeira Book – Revised edition

10 Jan 2015

The Little Capoeira Book

The revised edition contains the ‘Appendix: Capoeira Trends’ section. I have learned more about modern Capoeira from that section than I had learned in my previous years of training. For example I didn’t know that Capoeira Regional was mostly driven and controlled by the middle/upper classes and Angola was traditionally practiced by black people (which generally means the poor in Brazil). Capoeira Angola nearly died, but thankfully it survived, thus once again revealing the true strength and survival ability of Capoeira.

There’s also a section on Capoeira tournaments and why they never really caught on: because Capoeira really isn’t about winning, it’s about two people interacting and having a dialogue. It’s subjective, and unless you are playing very regimented Regional games it’s actually hard to score. There are discussions on whether Capoeira is just a sport, an art form by the well known capoeiristas who gathered to discuss the route Capoeira should take (this was back in 1984). And much more…

So, while as someone who has practiced Capoeira for a while, most of the books were mostly reminders of what I knew, the contents of the Appendix were actually something entirely new to me!!!

One thing which I found confusing, the book claims that Edna Lima was the first woman Mestra, but I have previously read that Cigana has this honour (Mestre Canjiquinha’s student). Maybe the author meant she was the first woman Mestra in the Senzala group?

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