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Physio, at last!

Physio, at last!

26 November 2013

Physio, at last!

I went to the doctors at the end of August with my ‘issues’ (arm, hip) and today I finally had my first apt. at the Physio Dpt. at Saint George’s hospital.

Had a 90 minute assessment with Dr. David Burnett…  After asking a lot of questions he got on with the assessment, right shoulder first.  He said my right arm is weaker than the left (it shouldn’t be, I’m right handed).  When I stand up relaxed, my right hand shoulder hangs lower than my left.  I hadn’t noticed at all!!!

2013-11-26 16.17.53

Right shoulder noticeably lower than left shoulder.

2013-11-26 16.18.10

Correct shoulder position


So, part of the healing is to get that muscle active again so that I don’t strain the muscles in the area so much when I work.

Here are the exercises (I lost the piece of paper with them, so I’m writing them down from memory)

Buttock pain (he thinks it’s referred back pain)
cat pose stretches
side twist, 3x 20s or 10 reps.  OR BOTH!
2013-11-26 16.05.32
Shoulder/Arm pain
Twist against wall, with arm on wall, hold to stretch (my other arm is stretched because I had camera, but it should be down, head should face the other way along with twisted body)
2013-11-26 16.06.31
 Lie down on left, right arm on pillow, tense weak muscle, lift 1kg weight
Brush teeth with left hand, learn to stand with right shoulder aligned, mirror helps, do it often.  Once I get the hand of it, keep that position when holding the mouse.
Also, I’ve been thinking about working standing up for sometime, today the stand arrived, just a cheap one for £40.  I’ve worked like this since I got back from hospital.  My lower back is so weak from years of sitting down, I find it uncomfortable to stand for longer than 10 mins, so I’ve had to move around a lot to be able to stand for so long.  My lower back is achy now, but I will get used to it.
2013-11-26 13.16.122013-11-26 13.55.02
I had a physio appt. for my knee too, in two weeks, but David asked to cancel it as it’s with someone else…  I think the knee will get better, it’s only been there for 10 weeks, whereas the other two issues have been there for longer.  I mean, the shoulder weakness has been there for about 7 years, and it’s purely job related.
UPDATE: Hospital sent me another sheet with exercises, thanks hospital!

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