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Toque de Angolinha and Mestre Waldemar

Toque de Angolinha and Mestre Waldemar

26 October 2014

Toque de Angolinha and Mestre Waldemar

Another Sunday and another new toque to practice. This one is called Angolinha. Or Waldemar (da Paixão). So I learned a new toque and also about Mestre Waldemar. I heard about him before, in songs mostly. His presence as a Capoeira Mestre started in the 40s in Salvador, Bahia. He’s one of the most influential mestres, particularly when it comes to music. He was based in the Liberdade area of Salvador.

Here’s an article (in Portuguese) from the 1950s, about Waldemar’s capoeira and music, written by a pianist, who also happened to be a member of the Communist party: Katunda (Eunice Catunda). In the 50s Waldemar attracted the attention of some people in the academic community, and also artists and journalists, and his music was recorded. It would seem that ‘ladainhas’ originated in Waldermar’s group, in Liberdade. No wonder he’s such an important influence!!! It all makes sense now… Interview with Mestre Waldemar, in English.
Audio interview with Mestre Waldemar (YouTube)

Here’s a bit of a 1955 recording of Mestre Waldemar and his group

And this, with Mestre Canjiquinha

I can’t find any examples on YouTube of this toque, but the basic is very simple:
dim dim dim dom dom – or it might be domtss domtss domtss dom dom – yeah, that makes more sense. dim= stone touches the wire and baqueta hits at the same time. domtss baqueta hits the wire, then the stone touches it, it happens quickly so easy to confuse with dim, but it sounds different and it’s a different movement.

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